About Us

Tax consultant office (kantor konsultan pajak/kkp) Taslim and Partners is built by Taslim Syahputra SIA, M.Ak. BKP. The purpose is to help the taxpayer in in fulfilling taxation rights and obligations well and true according to the applicable tax regulation. We uphold high integrity and trust of the clients, work professionally, and we have skill and experience in problem solving to make the best decision. The best service is our duty, Client satisfaction is our goal, we are there for the client's needs.

Provide integrated and recent taxation information to the clients. Enhance the effective and efficient performance of the company and enhance competitiveness in the global era

To be advanced and professional tax consultant, and give the added value to enhance the client’s trust.
  • Solution
  • Intelegence
  • Awareness
  • Professional

The tax consultant gives the taxation solution based on the fulfillment of taxpayer’s right and obligation of taxation, with the effective and efficient applicable knowledge of the taxation, without eliminating the awareness and concern in taxation where it is one of the people’s prosperity sources, which is done based on professional and trusted service.

Meet The Owner

The owner and Co-Founder of Taslim & Partners is a young energic professional man who had a lot of experiences in Indonesian tax

Taslim Syahputra, SIA, M.Ak, BKP

The man who was born in Medan on March 27, 1987, completed his Diploma III in Tax Administration at the University of North Sumatra (USU) in 2008, then continued his S1 Fiscal Administration education at the University of Indonesia (UI) in 2011, then completed his Masters in Accounting at Trisakti University in 2017. Joined in the Indonesian Tax Consultants Association (IKPI), and has had:
  1. Tax Consultant Practice License from the Ministry of Finance Directorate General of Taxes. No. Permission: KIP - 5130 / IP.B / PJ / 2019
  2. Taxation Attorney at Tax Court No. Permission: KHP – 0435
 Has the experience of a Tax Consultant since 2011, in several Tax Consultant Offices and has been a tax auditor in several Public Accounting Firms in Indonesia. Furthermore, he was an advisor in several multinational companies from 2013 to 2016 to hone the managerial of the company. In addition to Practitioners, he is also active as an academic, namely as a Permanent Lecturer at Pamulang University (UNPAM), and as a tax trainer in several training institutions such as Brevet A & B and USKP Bimbel training (Tax Consultant Certificate Test) at IKPI Tax Training House (TTH), Bina Fiscal Indonesia (BFI), TaxSys Center (TaxSys), Indonesian Accountants Association (IAI), Swadharma Polytechnic, Multimedia Nusantara University (UMN), Syeckh Yusuf Islamic University (UNIS) and several other places.