Tax Assesment

Tax assessment is the service that is given to the client in the form of the tax assessment on the specific taxation problems faced by the company. This is to give the best solution for the tax problem that is faced by the company. The tax assessment includes Tax Advice or the Tax Opinion based on applicable regulation. This service can be conducted with the telephone, teleconference, or face to face meeting with our consult team.

Transfer Pricing Documentation Report(TP Doc)

We can help to arrange the TP Doc report (Master file & Local file) to fulfill the taxation obligation for the taxpayer who has special relationship transactions and has been obligated to report the TP Doc based on the applicable taxation regulation.

Tax Training

To enhance the taxation knowledge for the staff and the company, we provide tax training with the topics that are adjusted to the needs according to the expected goals.

Tax Court Assitance

For the settlement of a tax dispute, taxpayer has a right to submit the application for objection to the tax directorate general (DJP). Then, submit an appeal/claim to the tax court and have the right to submit a review (PK) to the Supreme Court (MK). Accordingly, we are ready to help you in the implementation of the objection process, appeal/ claim, and review.

Tax Audit Assistance

Annual SPT provided more paid (Lebih bayar/LB), submit as stated loss, submit or not the SPT, but exceed the period specified in the warning letter, merge, expand, liquidate and dissolve the company, and compliance test that caused the tax inspection. If the company is inspected, we provide assistance, including accompaniment or representative, when the inspection is held.  This is to prevent the issuance of a tax assessment letter (SKP), which is bigger than should be, for failure to appoint an appropriate accounting process and complete supporting documents.

Tax Planning

To minimize tax expense, we help you in arranging the plant to enhance the tax efficiency. Here, we find the best alternative of tax savings according to the plan and business of your company.

Tax Review

This service has purpose of assessing your company's tax compliance and calculating the potential taxation of all company activities. The review of compliance is needed by the company which intend to sell shares on the stock exchange, mergers, dissolutions, and other purposes.

Tax Dispute

During carry out the obligation as a taxpayer, there is no doubt that the tax dispute can happen with DJP. Hence, through account representative (AR)/ the tax authorities will issue a letter of appeal, then a warning letter. Because of this, we are ready to solve the tax dispute.

Tax Administration

Help your company in handling the tax administration effectively and efficiently. These service as follows :

  • The registration and revocation the tax ID number (NPWP)
  • The Application and inauguration the taxable employers (NPPKP)
  • The application to keep books in foreign languages and currencies other than rupiah
  • The application of  centralization of tax (PPN)  administrations
  • The application for a fiscal free certificate
  • The application of the reduction of administrative sanctions for tax bills (STP)
  • The application of the reduction and revocation the tax assessment (SKP)

Tax Compliance

We help you with the fulfillment of tax obligation in period and yearly, which involve all types of tax. The result of this service is the calculation and reporting to the tax office ( Kantor pelayanann pajak/KPP) in a place of NPWP registered, in the form of SPT Massa PPh 21/26, Pasal 22, Pasal 23/26, Pasal 25, Pasal 4 ayat (2), PPN, serta SPT Tahunan PPh Badan dan SPT Tahunan PPh Orang Pribadi.


Taslim and partners is an official institution registered with the Ministry of Finance, Directorate General of Taxation of Indonesia.

An institution that actively assists its clients in overcoming various problems related to taxation.


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